About Us


Here at bodydynamicsracing.com everybody is into, and about fast cars, performance modifications, and The Culture of the Car and we are calling on all petrol heads, car junkies, and power fanatics of the world to unite- because here, we offer you a platform to live out your dreams and fantasies.

But more than that though; bodydynamicsracing.com is committed to bringing you news on tips and tricks on how to make your car faster, handle better, stop quicker, and generally outperform everything else in your neighbourhood. We will also be bringing you advice on what to do when modifying a car, but equally importantly, what NOT to do.

With that said, we will also be answering technical questions on problems you may experience; from supplying fault code definitions, to suggesting alternatives to your planned engine transplants, to explaining why more car batteries die in summer than during winter, and much else besides.

“Much else” means that we will also be bringing you technical articles on exactly how car engines work, and why some engine modifications do not deliver the expected results. In short, bodydynamicsracing.com is about everything to do with cars, and fast cars in particular. So if your car is not fast enough for your liking, stick around- we will show you how to make it as fast as it can be! – Reinier