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6 Cars to Avoid at All Costs

Worst Cars to Avoid
Worst Cars to Avoid

While there is no accounting for personal tastes and preferences when it comes to cars, it just boggles the mind that some people buy the cars they do. It just does not make sense that despite all the resources on the Internet and elsewhere, like specialized car magazines for instance, people go out and knowingly (or perhaps unknowingly), buy the worst possible car that can be bought.

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The Range Rover Sport Supercharged



Driving a Range Rover 4×4

Those that know, tell of an amazing driving experience when taking the wheel. The first impression to grab you is the car’s huge size. The Range Rover dominates the road and it’s elevated driving position allows you to literately look down on other drivers.

The second thing to attract your attention is the high level of specification. The new Range Rover is now far removed from it’s agricultural ancestors from the 1970’s and comes with all gadgets and comforts you would expect from a high end luxury saloon, such as Sat Nav, cruise control, onboard computer and even massaging seats.

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Welcome to Body Dynamics Racing!


Reinier Breytenbach South AfricaAllow me to introduce myself- my name is Reinier Breytenbach, and I own and self-manage a medium-sized car repair shop in South Africa in a town called Brits, near the capital city, Pretoria.

I am a qualified, and certified auto mechanic with close on forty years of practical, hands-on experience in all aspects of car repair and maintenance and twenty of those years had been as the owner and manager of a repair shop; however, if truth be told, they sometimes feel more like 50 years.

Nevertheless, I am hoping to share not only my experience in regular car maintenance with you through this medium, but also my experience in building high performance engines.

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