Planning a Trip to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Ontario


canadian motorsportsIf you are a big fan of motor racing, you might already be excited to travel all the way to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park where this well-known motorsport facility is hosting six major events in 2016.

Automobile racing is quite fun and engaging, but if you are residing outside of Canada, you might have to deal with a little bit of trouble getting there…

Body Dynamics racing provides some excellent tips on motor racing which might give you a winning chance while you are trying to go for the victory line during the events. However, getting into another country, especially Canada, will not be an easy breeze if you have a few mishaps showing in your official records.

Recently, a member of a motor racing team was turned away from the Canadian borders because of DUI conviction. Driving Under Influence is seen as a Criminal conviction in Canada, and prevents people from entering the country for study or work purposes. Even if they have reasons to visit someone who is a close friend or family, they will not be allowed to enter Canada unless they obtained full criminal rehabilitation.

The motor team racing member finally had to talk to a lawyer who helped him to apply for TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) in order to be able to attend the event in Canada.

Temporary Resident Permit: Why is this the only solution?

If you want to gain access to Canada again, you need to be criminally rehabilitated. However, criminal rehabilitation is a lengthy process and may take years to be completed. For many reasons, that can become quite a hassle to deal with.

And you will also have to fill up endless documents to start the application process. If you are really interested in attending the Motor racing event at The Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, then you will definitely not have enough time to complete your criminal rehabilitation process. So what can you do?

The best solution in such a scenario is the Temporary Resident Permit. This permit will allow you to gain entry into Canada for a short period of time. When people who have been criminally convicted need to go to Canada for work or study purposes or to visit someone, they can obtain the Temporary Resident Permit easily and quickly to do so. This permit will prevent them from taking permanent residence in Canada, and will demotivate them from spending more time in the country that they are legally allowed to do.

When would you need a TRP?

In order to be eligible to apply for TRP, you have to consider the following facts:

    • Has it been less than five years since your DUI offense?
    • More than five years have gone by but you have not taken any adequate steps to apply for criminal rehabilitation. Even if you have applied for the rehabilitation but have not received any positive result, you will need to apply for TRP in case you are traveling to Canada.
    • If your DUI offense did not cause any real damage to someone’s health or life. In such matters, there will be other factors to consider before you can apply for TRP

Why is it important to get TRP?

If you have a criminal record about a DUI offense you committed a long time ago, you will probably not be given the right to enter Canada without criminal rehabilitation or TRP. You might think that the Canadian authorities will not have an idea of your past mishap, but you are wrong. Since the year 2012, the U.S government has been sharing the data of every U.S citizen who has been entering Canada with the Canadian authorities. Therefore, any past criminal records are bound to show up.

If you are confident that your past DUI offense will not stop you from entering Canada, think again. You do not want the extra hassle of having to travel all the way back after being turned away and wasting time as well.

What can you do to apply for TRP?

You need to mention the specific reason why you want to enter Canada in the documents. You can submit your application either at the Port of Entry (POE) or the Consular Office at the Canadian Visa Office. The application fee for TRP at POE and Consular Office is $200.

However, every applicant is advised to submit their applications at the POE, because they will be able to check your application quickly while the Visa office will often take three to four months to do the same. Some applicants have reported that their applications were processed at the spot when they submitted them to POE.

Is it necessary for you to have a Temporary Resident Permit Lawyer?

The Canadian authorities need to make sure that you are not a threat to the society in any way before they grant you the permit to enter. Also, they must recognize that the reason for your entry is valid and reasonable. If you were visiting a family member who was sick, or for an important work meeting, you would have a high chance of success.

Since your interest is tied to the Motor racing event, it is better to have a Temporary Resident Permit lawyer who can provide sufficient details to the authorities on your behalf to make a compelling case.

canada entry permitNot only will the TRP lawyer advise you on what to do and what steps to take, but they will also fill in the documents which need to be submitted for the application. It might cost you a little bit extra to hire a lawyer, but they can work much faster and fill up the documents correctly the first time itself. This will reduce the probability of you being denied permission to enter the country. You will also have to face less hassle in dealing with the paperwork.

If you want to know more about how to obtain Temporary Resident Permit, visit this page ( for more information. You should not miss the major motor racing events at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, and for that, you need to ensure that you get a smooth ride all the way to Canada without any hassle.

Some of the events that you can attend are mentioned on this page ( you are not sure about any DUI convictions you might have faced before, it is safer to apply for the TRP well in advance for guaranteed entry to Canada.