Racing Team Tips – Finding Local Storage


Motor Racing StorageFor a motor racing team, tucking your motorcycle equipment, leathers and tools away for the winter could prove to be a major hustle if not planned carefully.

Before filling your tanks and packing away your gear, you might want to dedicate a sufficient amount of time and effort to find an appropriate location.

Motorcycles, unlike boats and RVs, cannot get away with outdoor storage, simply because they’re not built for it. To settle on an ideal storage option for your gear, tools and parts, you’ll have to take few factors into account first.

Below we’re going to take a look at each of these factors while sighting references and example to help you reach an optimal decision.

Build a Checklist

Motor Racing TipsThere are some basic features that should be present in an ideal storage option. The most prominent of these features are:

  1. Climate-controlled
  2. Drive-up Access
  3. Good Security
  4. Accessible 24/7
  5. Available Space
  6. Reasonably-priced

We will discuss each feature with more details later in the article, but generally speaking, the first 4 items on the list should be indispensable. The last two will depend on your priorities.

Priorities differ based on the amount of stuff you need to store, and how much you’re willing to spend. If you can afford a heavily-fortified, high-end storage option, then price shouldn’t be among your prominent concerns. Same goes for the space factor, if your team consists of only few members, you don’t need to spend extra cash for a larger storage option.

Compare Weather-protective Features

Both cars and motorcycles are prone to rusting when stored in humid conditions for long periods. Climate-controlled storage options make sure your motorcycle is stored in moderated weather conditions to prevent its outer frame from catching any rust.

Climate-controlled storage options also make sure that your motorcycle isn’t placed in the sunlight. Direct sunlight can promote glass-condensation when after the sunset, and the ultraviolet rays can fade your motorcycle’s paint. Comparing between the weather-protective features that each option can offer you is crucial before making your final choice.

Easy Access

The absence of a drive-up access will be a real hassle. If you’re not able to drive up yourself, you’ll probably need a crane or a similar machine to get your motorcycle in and out, which is not the most practical of options. Not only will it cost you time and probably money, but it will also limit your access to your motorcycles.

Even though having a drive-up access is highly preferable, sometimes you can be abandoned in favor of other features. In case you’ll be out of the country throughout the whole storage period, you might not mind opting for a storage option without a drive-up access to drop down the price.

Secured Location

This is probably the most important factor that should be taken into account while choosing a location to store your motorcycles. Whether you’ll be renting your spots in the storage location for short or long periods, making sure the place is secured enough to keep your valuable motorcycles safe is a must before making your ultimate decision.

Before choosing a storage location, you should take a good look at the facility to make sure it’s secured enough and discuss security measures with the management. Ask any questions if you feel the need to and do not stop unless you feel all your security-related concerns have been addressed. Also it’s crucial that you speak with other local bikers who have had their motorcycles stored in the same location before or at least read some online reviews before reaching your final decision.

When reviewing security, keep in mind that it’s the storage location’s responsibility to secure your motorcycles not only from theft but also from any fires, floods, or any natural cause that may damage your bike.

24/7 Accessibility

Tucking your motorcycles doesn’t mean they should be unreachable.24:7 Accessibility Storage It would be inappropriate to find your storage facility closed when you need to grab your bike one day after work or at weekends. Having access to your bikes whenever it works with your weekly schedule should be the least of your worries.

It’s also highly advisable to carry out occasional maintenance even when your motorcycle is in storage. Having restricted to access to it may prevent you from carrying out needed upkeep. This is a feature that you shouldn’t be willing to give up if you want to keep your bike in a top-notch state throughout the storage period.

Space Availability

The usual storage unit size is 5×10. Although, if you’re going to store more than one motorcycle, you’re going to have to opt for a bigger, 10×10 or 10×15, unit. When choosing your storage unit, always make sure it’s spacious enough to include your motorcycle accessories, like helmets or jackets, and other maintenance equipment that you’re going to store.

If price is your concern and you cannot afford large storage units, you might elect to rent separate small units for each motorcycle. With that being said, it’s worth mentioning that storage locations’ managers are usually willing to lower down prices if you’re renting for short periods, even for large units.

To get a general idea about unit sizes checkout the guys we use at Wynnes Storage facility near the south coast of the UK.


Storage prices generally depend on two main variables: area and duration. For long periods, like 6 months or 3 months, if you’re renting a 35 square feet area, you should expect to pay from 180 pounds to 360 pounds. The prices will depend on the facility of course. The more the features, the higher the price.

If you’re renting for long periods, it’s crucial to compare between numerous storage options to choose an optimal price. Also make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for. If the storage location will cost you higher than 400 pounds, it better be equipped with high tech, and a secure fortress. It’s advised that you rank locations according to price and compare their features to reach the best decision. Getting a quick price quote is handy when you’re comparing prices. Nowadays you can do that online.

To get a quick quote you can checkout their website Owner Laurence has been great to us, and is likely to give you a good deal in a secure location you can trust and access easily.

After making your decision, you should do a final round of maintenance before lodging your motorcycle or equipment into storage. To find out how you can prepare your bike for long-term storage, checkout this advice from Yamaha on storing bikes and equipment while you are not using them.

Had any storage nightmares from shoddy providers or nightmares about your kit going missing? Drop us a line and we will share it with our site visitors.