Tips on Printing Team Logos on Glass and Windows


print on glass stickersLogos are an important part of your racing team’s brand image; they offer a visual symbol that people can associate your team with. Aside from brand identity, logos are a great marketing tool, as you can display them on a range of surfaces/platforms/media, from a website, social media profiles, print media, and other surfaces.

However, one type of surface that has proven to be great for displaying logos is windows and glass surfaces. Windows and glass surfaces offer a ready-surface for display advertising (when using existing surfaces), making them inexpensive to use.

The contrast between the clear/translucent/opaque glass surface and the graphics is also captivating, which helps to pique the curiosity of anyone who sees the display. This makes them a great tool for increasing your team’s brand awareness.

However, the simple printing team logos on glass and windows will not guarantee increased brand awareness. You must create the displays in the correct manner to enjoy the benefits they offer. If you are considering printing your logos, below is a look at some top tips for glass and window printing.

1. Create a design for your team logo

If you already have a team logo, you are already to a good start. However, if you do not have a logo or the current one is lacking, the most important thing to do is to design a team logo. For the perfect logo, you should start by choosing a visual symbol that is unique and ownable to your brand. It also needs to be easily memorable such that consumers can identify the symbol with your brand – take, for example, Nike’s Swoosh (tick).

The design of your logo also needs to be consistent with the rest of your team’s brand image – for example, you should choose a colour palette that matches the rest of your team’s colours. It should also be visually striking, thus guaranteeing that it attracts the attention of the audience. The best way to achieve this is to use bold and prominent colours and graphics.

When creating the logo, you have the option of doing-it-yourself. However, due to the amount of work involved, hiring a professional graphics design company is the best way forward. Having a professional do the logo design will guarantee that you get the best display, which will stand out from your competitors.

2. Identify the locations and areas where the logos will be displayed

With the logo ready, the next step is to choose the surface(s) where it will be printed on. The most ideal display locations are glass and window surfaces inside your place of work. You can also opt to display in other locations owned by third-parties, where your target audience is likely to see the logos.

Once you have chosen a location(s), the next step is to choose the area(s), or rather the specific windows and glass surfaces to print the logos on. The best surfaces are ones found at a building’s entrance, hallways, walls (display windows), and other areas where there will be lots of foot traffic.

On top of choosing the display surfaces, you need to prepare them for the printing process. This is especially the case when you are using existing windows. Preparation in this situation will involve cleaning them thoroughly, else the printing will not hold. Dirty windows will also hide the attractiveness of your logos once they have been printed on.

3. Decide on the printing technology to be used

Now that you have a logo and the display surfaces, the next step is to print them. There are two main glass and windows printing technologies you can opt for:

  • Digital ceramic printing

    Digital Ceramic Printing in process

Digital ceramic printing is an advanced glass printing technique that involves printing graphics directly to a glass surface. The technology allows you to print just about any imagery onto glass surfaces. During the printing process, the brightness and visibility of the colours can be controlled, leading to more conspicuous graphics. On top of that, the displayed prints are also very durable, as they are merged permanently with the glass.

Direct ceramic printing can offer you a great way of displaying your racing team’s logo. However, the process is quite complex, as it requires the use of a special printer, special ink, and the tempering of the glass to allow for ink fusion. It is also only practical with windows and glass surfaces that have not yet been installed. Therefore, it can prove to be quite expensive in the end.

  • Film printing

    A glass film print display

Window film printing is another top technique for glass and windows printing. It involves printing graphics onto a film, with the film then being applied onto a glass surface to complete the display. The technique offers several printing options to choose from, which include:

  • Vinyl cut design – involves a custom cut design, such that only the shapes, letters, and imagery of the logo are displayed on the glass or window.
  • Translucent display – the film used is semi-transparent, which ensures that view is not obstructed. It is ideal for printing on display windows, and it allows for the use of large logo design.
  • Opaque film printing – the film used for printing the logo is opaque, and thus obstructs the view into the window or glass surface. As a result, it is only ideal for printing small size logos.
  • Optically clear film printing – it involves the use of a clear film, the size of the entire window. The desired imagery is printed on parts of the film; after which it is applied to the glass/window. It is a great technique for displaying logos, as they appear to printed directly onto the glass.

4. Choose a reliable printing company

The printing company you choose will have a huge bearing on the final display of your team’s logo. For this reason, you should choose a reliable company with a reputation for producing quality printing results. The company you choose should also be able to deliver the type of display you are looking for. It would also be better if you can find a company that offers a range of services under one roof, for example, graphics design and glass and window printing; this will save you the hassles of hiring different professionals. It will also save you quite a lot of time, and possibly, even money.

Are you looking for a way to display your racing team’s logo? Printing on glass and window surfaces is a great way to go. However, you need to carefully consider the printing process so as to end up with high-quality print displays that will attract the attention of your target audience. The above are some of the top tips on how you can achieve the best results when printing team logos on glass and windows.