Welcome to Body Dynamics Racing!


Reinier Breytenbach South AfricaAllow me to introduce myself- my name is Reinier Breytenbach, and I own and self-manage a medium-sized car repair shop in South Africa in a town called Brits, near the capital city, Pretoria.

I am a qualified, and certified auto mechanic with close on forty years of practical, hands-on experience in all aspects of car repair and maintenance and twenty of those years had been as the owner and manager of a repair shop; however, if truth be told, they sometimes feel more like 50 years.

Nevertheless, I am hoping to share not only my experience in regular car maintenance with you through this medium, but also my experience in building high performance engines.

Over the past nearly forty years I have seen it all- good cars, bad cars, horrible cars, and merely adequate cars, but I have also seen the technological advances that have turned ordinary runabouts into computers on wheels. While there are some advantages to that, the downside is that the average car enthusiast has largely been deprived of the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning “tuning” his pride and joy, but through bodydynamicsracing.com, I am hoping to change all that.

I am hoping to bring my experience to bear on your tuning and performance problems, and while I am not in a position to directly compare cars, products, and services in the form of reviews, I am in a position tell you what you need to know to resolve your particular issues, whatever they may be, because as they say, “Where there is a will, there is a solution”.

Watch this space for upcoming posts, and I hope to be talking to YOU soon!